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As barbecue grows in popularity, the competition for customers fires some intense creativity.  There's also no substitution for good old-fashion know how.  Classics are classics for a reason, and, when done well, hold their own.  From grandma's family recipe to scientific concoctions from formally trained chefs, there are ton's of mind-blowing, mouth watering bites that you have to try.  Below are 10 of the most delicious, most unusual, and most chase worthy delights in Alabama.  Enjoy and let me know what you think deserves to be on this list.  I love chasing down a good lead!


No two sauces are the same, and a really good sauce makes the meal sing.  These are 10 of my favorites!

 A thicker sauce, peppery and lemony.  It's not just for chicken.

The flavor and spice changes from start to finish.  A delicious trick!

The king of all sauces!  I've made meals of warm sauce and white bread.

You don't see or taste many sauces like this.

Don't know exactly what it is other than amazing!

Magical red sauce that does it all.  I keep a bottle at home and put it on everything.

Sauces with hardware.  Winners of multiple national awards.

Enhances the meat and will change the way you think about vinegar sauce.

Deep red sauce with a hit of spice, perfect on a Big Jim sandwich.

All TABC lists are living, breathing entities.  They may change frequently based on reader recommendations and my own personal discoveries.  Thoughts and suggestions are always welcome so don't be shy.  We're all in this together!

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