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Culinary experts know that you eat with your eyes first.  If so, the following album is a feast!  Good pictures move your emotions and get your stomach growling.  Even better,  these dishes are just as delicious as they are beautiful.  Enjoy the look, but don't stop there.  Get out and enjoy the taste.  Chasing down every dish is an adventure.


Find inspiration in some of the best looking, best tasting food in Alabama

Boarhog's Pulled pork, mac n cheese
Chuck Wagon's smoked pork ribs
Bunyan's hot slaw
Rusty's pulled pork with sauce and pickles
Big Bob Gibson's beef brisket
Smokehouse baked beans
Jim's Hwy 82 Big Jim Sandwich with sauce
Cotton State's Moon Drop Banana Pudding
Smokey C's ribs
Demetri's Mac n Cheese and Baked Beans
Green Top Barbecue Pork Potato and White Sauce
Miss Myra's Smoked Chicken Sandwich with White Sauce
Dreamland Sauce and White Bread
Pruett's Sweet Potato Fluff
Ken's Hickory Pit smoked chicken
Archibald's smoked barbecue ribs
PBR Lockhart's slaw , Traditional and Blue Cheese
Good Ole Boy's pulled pork with sauce
Brooks sweet potato pie
Onion rings from Golden Rule
Martin's Pork Plate on the patio
Golden Rule brisket sandwich and fries
Creekside's feta potatop salad
Sam's Smokehouse pulled pork with golden sauce
Carlile's pork plate with baked beans and fries
Full Moon's Chow Chow
Rodney Scott's collard greens
Jim 'N Nick's Carolina style pork plate
Creekside smoked chicken, smoked gouda grits, and slaw
Fat Boy's blackberry pie
Porky's Pride cheese grits
Heard's pork plate with mac n cheese, fried green tomatoes, & cornbread
Pell City Texaco potato salad
Puckett's sweet potato fries
Hog Wild smoked chicken sandwich w/fries and mac n cheese
Sho'Nuff onion rings
Whitt's Brunswick stew
Buck's slaw
Ole Hickory coconut pie
The Pottery Grill pulled pork & sausage combo w/baked beans and mac n cheese.jpg

All TABC lists are living, breathing entities.  They may change frequently based on reader recommendations and my own personal discoveries.  Thoughts and suggestions are always welcome so don't be shy.  We're all in this together!

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