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When I entered the world of cable advertising, I was sent to Jasper…a lot. We had an account executive that worked exclusively in Walker County and she sold a lot of advertising, which meant a lot of commercial production. Since I was the new guy, I was assigned to handle most of the Jasper work, which I really didn’t mind. I enjoyed working with smaller business owners and the hour-long drive was relaxing. It also allowed me to try lots of restaurants on the company’s dime.

One of my earliest client’s was Son’s Supermarket, a local grocery store that was what you’d expect in a small town. There was nothing fancy about it and most of the employees had been there for decades. The commercials we did were pretty basic, but even years after my last production with them, I remember Son’s and always looked for their building when I was in that part of town.

Having returned to Jasper, I asked Google if there were any new barbecue joints in town. Son’s Smokehouse appeared and since I was familiar with the grocery store, that’s where I set my sights. Now, having eaten there, my head is spinning! The food at Son’s, unlike my commercials, is anything but basic. It’s phenomenal!  But even before digging in, the dining area catches your attention. I love spaces with multiple materials and Son’s has concrete, wood, tin, iron and glass, with a section of roll-up windows that opens the space and breathes in the fresh air. The character and comfort are appealing, but once the food comes out the experience goes from eye-popping to taste bud bursting!

Son’s is all about big, bold flavors. There’s nothing bland going on here. These are well-seasoned dishes using thoughtful blends of spices that deliver a flavor-packed punch. The result is a taste explosion that gets your mouth watering even while you’re eating. The pulled pork with white sauce is Numero Uno! While the pork doesn’t need any sauce, mixing the two creates a concoction that is other-worldly. The pork is beautifully smoked, producing a perfect color and tender texture. It’s served chopped so you get salty, crispy bark with each perfectly portioned bite. The white sauce is a balanced blend of spices that doesn’t cover the meat but enhances it to create a luscious and balanced bite that is completely unique.  It’s mind-blowing!

The baked beans have some of the biggest flavors I’ve found. They’re firm in a rich, tomato-based sauce that has a nice balance of sweet and acid. It’s flavored with pork and bold seasoning that hits you right at the end. There’s the slightest bit of heat that finishes on the tip of your tongue before settling on the sides. Really amazing dish!

The corn salad provided a nice contrast to the bravado of the beans and meat. Made with fresh kernels, I tasted cream cheese with maybe some jalapeno to give it just a bit of heat. It’s a bit of a sticky concoction with a briny element, but the cool freshness provided a delightful contrast to the rest of my plate.

To top things off, I couldn’t resist the pineapple pudding. Think banana pudding but with fruit that adds a little firmness and texture. It’s a thick, smooth pudding around layers of vanilla wafers that become almost a cake. While it may sound weird, it’s not. Delicious is what it is!

Was I glad to be back in Jasper? Certainly. Am I glad I found Son’s Smokehouse? Not only am I glad, I’m ecstatic! Son’s is a destination and if you’re a barbecue lover, you have to go

Bonus points:

Order at counter

Self-serve fountain Coke products

Exceptional baked beans

Sports on TV

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