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Mary and I combined a weekend getaway for our anniversary with a Mobile barbecue run.  In planning out our visit I identified three barbecue joints I wanted to try and Saucy Q was on the schedule for the last day.  The phrase, “Saved the best for last” has probably been used by all of us, but it was true in this instance.  This place delivered on a real barbecue experience.

First of all, if you’ve never been down Government or Dauphin Streets in Mobile they are absolutely beautiful.  They’re lined with magnificent old mansions and huge live oaks that reach out over the road to form a living canopy of hefty limbs, wispy leaves, and Spanish moss.  It is a picturesque scene and in the middle of it is Saucy Q, and old school barbecue joint that seems out of place on one hand, but when you consider history and vine it is right at home.

When you get out of the car the first thing that hits you is the smell of smoke.  It’s slight but definitely present.  Immediately I got excited because it means one of two things, either their actively smoking meat at that moment or they truly care about the experience you’re gonna have.  It could mean both of those together and the smell immediately had all of my senses on alert.

Inside it looked exactly like you’d expect a decades old, family run barbecue joint to look.  Lots of textures with wood, brick, tile and vinyl seats.  The red and black color scheme are a natural fit and red is supposed to induce a psychological hunger response, as if the smell wasn’t already doing that.  Portions of the interior walls have exposed brick, which contain a fun tradition.  Practically every brick in the building has an individual note written on it from a customer.  To me it’s really inviting to see the owners share their property in such a personal way and to see how patrons respected that privilege.  Just a really cool touch of personality that added to the welcoming aesthetic.

I went for a combo dinner so I could have pork and ribs.  The ribs were amazing!  They were the best bite of meat I had the entire trip.  The center portion was a gentle pink with a hard smoke ring around it.  They pulled easily from the bone but still had a good pull and a nice chew.  They had an assertive, smoky flavor that were a flavor bomb when combined with the sauce.  The sauce was dark in color and had a spice that hits you in the back of the tongue.  It packs a flavor punch that is very complex while staying complimentary to the food. Now, I have to add a big shout-out for one thing they do.  The sauce is served hot.  It comes out feeling and tasting as if it was scooped right out of a pot on the stove.  I loved this!  Warm barbecue sauce on those hot ribs took it to another level.  It really is the little things that make a joint great and that wasn’t the only thoughtful act.  When my wife’s meal was brought to the table the server said more onion rings were on the way out because the chef didn’t like how dark the ones on the plate were.  Honestly, we wouldn’t have thought anything of it as they didn’t look burnt, but the second order did come out golden brown.  That commitment to quality and details means everything.

So definitely get the ribs and mac n cheese.  The mac was baked with a creamy texture and that slight crust on top.  It also had a slight kick which was unexpected but added to a depth of flavor to whatever cheese blend they used.  For me it’s a dish you have to try.  The potato salad and baked beans were delicious but very familiar.  There wasn’t anything unique about them, just solid, familiar, comforting flavors that made me happy.  The potato salad had a fine chop on the potatoes for a smooth texture with classic, creamy mayo, mustard and relish blend.  The baked beans were in a sauce of peppers, brown sugar, and perhaps a tomato base.  If I had those beans every day I would be very happy.  The pork texture was a bit unusual to me as it was very stringy, but it had sort of a briny flavor that I couldn’t identify but was a pleasant surprise.  Mary’s chopped chicken was a little dry but mixed with the sauce was very enjoyable.  She finished both orders of her thick sliced, deep fried onion rings.

This place is really cool.  The location, the look, the feel, the food, all make for a destination barbecue joint.  I think there’s a secret ingredient going on here that’s the distinguishing difference, love.  It’s said that when someone cooks with love you can taste the difference.  If that’s true then Saucy Q is run with a lot of love because everything felt like family to me.

Bonus points for:

Order at the counter

Coke products

TV with sports

Exceptional baked beans

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