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Miss Myra’s has been around a while and has developed quite a reputation for itself.  Most barbecue lists have Miss Myra’s somewhere in the ranking.  When a friend of mine produced a documentary about barbecue in Alabama, Miss Myra’s was one of the four or five restaurants he included.  It’s a fixture not only locally, but has also received national attention.  But in case you still need a recommendation from someone that knows food, how about Andrew Zimmern?

Yes, Andrew Zimmern of “Bizarre Foods:Delicious Destinations”, has been to Miss Myra’s TWICE!  That’s a sound endorsement as his job is to travel the world eating food of every type.  He has stated that Miss Myra’s has the best smoked chicken and white sauce he’s ever had.  We learned this important tid bit as we were leaving my initial visit.  Had I known that I may have ordered the chicken.  Instead, it’s now on my hit list with an asterisk for “Smoked Chicken.”

White sauce is becoming more and more popular these days.  If you’re opening a barbecue restaurant in Alabama, it’s almost expected that you have a white sauce.  That’s a significant shift in attitude from just 25 years ago when a mayonnaise-based sauce was cringed at, unless you actually tried it.  The main innovators in white sauce technology have been Big Bob Gibson’s and Miss Myra’s.  The former has won numerous awards for their offering and I even keep a bottle in my fridge, but there is something different about Miss Myra’s version.  It is absolutely silky smooth with a beautiful balance of acid and sweet.  I taste some citrus notes which make it bright and lively.  It’s also a little peppery which provides a bite against the otherwise cool flavor.  I understand why food experts far more experienced than myself are in love with it.

Although white sauce was invented for chicken, it also goes well on their pork.  They also have a sweet red sauce that has just enough spice to perk up your tongue and alert your taste buds.  Somehow it’s simple and complex at the same time.  My head was starting to hurt trying to analyze it so I just sat back and enjoyed it.  Alternating between red and white is a fun exercise, at least for me because I love variety.

While smoked chicken may be their calling card, the smoked pork is also a star.  It’s tender and juicy with a wonderful smoky flavor.  The smoke ring is obvious and with a gentle push of the fork it just falls apart.  There’s something different about the way it looks.  I couldn’t identify what it was, maybe it was pulled then chopped or maybe a cut other than pork shoulder was used.  Whatever it was, something attractive in its appearance made it stand out.

The sides are a definite second fiddle to the smoked meats.  I had the baked beans and potato salad and my buddy had the greens.  Our conclusion is that they were all ordinary.  Next time I’ll go right for a sandwich and a bag of chips, skip all the distractions.  But there were lots of people there with samplings of all different sides.  Take their word on it, or mine, or Andrew Zimmern’s.  Miss Myra’s is special.

P.S.  I went back to Miss Myra's a week after my initial visit to try the smoked chicken.  I don't know if I should call Andrew Zimmern a genius or credit him for stating the obvious.  I have to agree with him, that was the best chicken sandwich I've ever had.  I didn't know chicken could be so tender that it practically melts on your mouth.  Add that white sauce on top and it's almost buttery smooth.  It's delicate but so satisfying.  This is the real deal!  Get the smoked chicken sandwich and savor every bite.

Bonus points for:

Order at the counter

Self-serve fountain drinks

Sauce on the table

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