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The idea for The Alabama Barbecue Chase blew in on a whirlwind of excitement. It popped into my head and didn’t rattle around long before I decided to bring it to life. I first shared it with my wife, who threw her enthusiasm behind it immediately. No one was more familiar with my fanaticism and the lengths I’d go to for barbecue. She’s been a good trooper on many an adventure and has quite a good palette. As she’s done throughout our relationship, she offers a different perspective that makes me better. I’m also certain my creativity would disorganize into be a big bin of lunacy if it wasn’t for her deliberateness.

The second person I shot this by was Lamarr Chaplin, aka Batman, Mr. Bandit, and numerous other monikers that keep us wondering who he actually is. His zany zeal for food and fun further influenced the dopey side of my brain to careen down a slippery slope of nonsense for personal amusement. While we were getting big laughs, our inside jokes were not going to build a brand.

When was first published, opinions began swirling. It was great hearing the chatter and how interested people were in what we were attempting. For many, I think there was more intrigue because of their relationship with me rather than the topic du jour. It has formed this tight little convoy that’s trying to discover the next barbecue star. The journey is fun, and very tasty when land at a spot like b.b. perrin’s.

Chris Munson, friend of The Alabama Barbecue Chase, joined Lamarr and me to help conduct our “research”. That meant enough folks to get one of just about everything; pulled pork, smoked chicken, ribs, pork loin, baked beans, mac n cheese, potato salad, slaw, tater tots, fried okra, and hush puppies. Very little was left unordered and nothing was left unconsumed. For this review, I’ll hit the high points so your visit to b.b. perrin’s will be a knockout!

This is all you need to remember, RIBS and anything FRIED! While everything we had was good, the ribs are the true juggernaut. They’re pull-from-the-bone tender, juicy and loaded with flavor. The rub forms a neat little crust that’s salty and just a tad spicy. No need for sauce on these boys, but if you’re a sauce lover, the red is sweet, sticky, and bold. It’s perfect for holding up to these ribs. The pulled pork was moist and soft.  There was no bark in my portion and I preferred it with the white sauce. It was a thinner preparation and more acidic, but still clung to the meat and added a peppery note.

If you’re anti messy fingers, order the rib sandwich. Multiple friends have said it’s AMAZING! It’s simply rib meat stripped off the bone and placed on a bun, making it easier to handle while still delivering all the flavor that comes with gnawing it off yourself. That’s what Chris gets every time and what I’ll hit on my next visit.

The rib sandwich and all plates come with two sides, which now that I’ve sampled so many of them, is a dilemma. You won’t go wrong with anything fried. Every one of them is done so well, golden brown outside, warm and tender inside. The Poolroom slaw was cool, crisp, and creamy with tang from the mustard and sharpness from what we think was finely grated horseradish. Killer!

b.b. perrin’s is one bangin’ joint! It’s bold personality and big flavors make it a must have. It’s a bit hidden, about a block off 31 so don’t drive around scouting a visual. Look it up on your phone and navigate straight there. And hurry!

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