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About Me


I LOVE BARBECUE!  I also love good barbecue joints.  This site is all about my pursuit of great barbecue experiences.  I have no prejudices about where I go and what I try.  I love talking barbecue, sharing the places I love, and hearing about places that others love...and giving them a try.

This is not a food critique or ranking.  I just love chasing down the exceptional, wherever it can be found.  I hope The Alabama Barbecue Chase helps you find amazing food and fun adventures as you chase down the best barbecue in Alabama!

The Chase Family at Rusty's


Cut right to the chase and find your next barbecue adventure!

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The ten best joints in the entire state of Alabama! 

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Build your barbecue road trip with this pinned map of Bama's best joints!

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The top ten menu items from around the state that you have to try!

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This is where to find the best version of traditional barbecue dishes

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Great barbecue deserves a great sauce.  These are my faves!

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The down-low on every barbecue joint I've been to!

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The best pics of the best food from the best joints

Each list is a work in progress so come back often!



Thanks for chatting me up!

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