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Passion develops when you find one thing that you really, really enjoy.  At least, that's how my love for barbecue started.  For me it was slow smoked, pulled pork shoulder with red sauce and a side of crispy fries.  I was adamant that other styles of barbecue were simply imposters and I didn't appreciate them for the things that were good. Finally, I opened my mind and began to enjoy it in all its forms.  It's this breadth of diversity that has galvanized my love for pulled pork barbecue while allowing me to appreciate smoked meat in all its forms.  

The same is true for my love of barbecue joints.  It no longer has to be the obscure shack in the middle of nowhere.  Great barbecue joints exist everywhere and in all sizes.  While I do look for characteristics that great joints must have, I'm no longer snobbish when they don't.

Taking all this into consideration, these are my favorite barbecue joints.  They have the best mix of all the qualities I enjoy.  Give them a try and have fun!


I've traveled all over the state and these are my favorite places.  No scientific methodology, just the intangibles that cause joy and happiness.

3511 6th Ave. South - Birmingham

2118 Hwy 72 East - Huntsville

7484 Parkway Dr. - Leeds

911 Gulf Shore Pkwy - Gulf Shores

8048 Hwy 72 W - Madison

3719 3rd Ave S - Birmingham

460 Columbus St. E. - Fayette

1020 Oak Mountain Park Rd. - Pelham

1679 7th St. S. - Clanton

400 9th Ave. - Jasper

All TABC lists are living, breathing entities.  They may change frequently based on reader recommendations and my own personal discoveries.  Thoughts and suggestions are always welcome so don't be shy.  We're all in this together!

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